Matthew Plotner

Host & Emotional Wellness Coach

How I got Started

Back in 2009, I was arrested after my wife and I got into a loud argument. I spent the next twenty-four hours in jail. I was charged with simple battery and told me to take an anger management class. I never saw myself as angry, violent, or controlling.


It turns out I was all three! As I spent the next twelve weeks in this class, I came to realize I had some serious work to do on myself. I finished the program but felt I still needed the guidance it was offering.


To fix this, I kept going to the class voluntarily for almost three years. In that time I had learned so much about myself, my anger, and my need for control. I was also, occasionally, teaching this class for the instructor when he was away. I found that my story and my slow transformation could help others in their own journey.


In 2014 I opened my FVIP and anger management class in Georgia. I have spent a great deal of time still learning and finding new approaches to help myself and others. I have found Buddhism and really enjoy what it has shown me. I have been adapting its teachings to my life.


I am no longer teaching and have left my program as of 2018. I still really enjoy the work and want to help people but I do not feel that running an FVIP with the state is the best way to do this. I want to connect with people and reach them in a way that is just not possible with the stipulations involved in teaching with the state.


This is why I launched That Anger Management Crap in 2019. That show and the support I got from so many of you was overwhelming.  It was instrumental in where I am in my current emotional health. However, after so many changes in my personal life that show just didn't feel like it was broad enough to speak the new views. With great sadness and joy that show ended and What the Emotional Health was born.